Meet Your Marketing Director, Joshua Preston

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Joshua Preston | Brokerage, Auctions, Property Management | Richmond VA, Fairfax VA


Real Estate Marketing that Attracts More Buyers and Generates More Revenue.


We provide in-house marketing for each of our resources: Brokerage, Auctions & Management.

We use creative, innovative ways to reach more buyers & tenants to maximize your asset(s). Our in-house Marketing maintains a customized website for each division, advance social media marketing, and our own mobile app to allow buyers unlimited 24/7 accessibility.

  • 24/7 Marketing of Your Asset(s)

  • Email Marketing Weekly Campaigns

  • Social Media Geo-Targeting Campaigns

  • Google Geo-Targeting Campaigns

  • Professional Photography & Property Tour Videos

  • Mobile App Notifications and Sales Reminders

  • Complete Detail Marketing Campaign Report